Sunday, August 19, 2007

From seattle

My mom and I have spent a lot of time walking around downtown and down by the water and we were surprised by the number of 'hippies' or grunge like people we saw(if that's not pc, my bad - not sure what is)'s very prominent...much more than any other place I've traveled to. We just thought it was 'normal' for seattle and didn't think a whole lot of it...My mom was reading the paper this morning and she read that it was the 16th annual hemp fest here this weekend. Ahhh, that would explain.

Also, it would explain the comedy show 2 nights ago where one of the comedians spent almost his entire show talking about weed/getting high. The funny part to me is my mom doesn't relate to that mindset really at all (and told me she didn't condone that kind of behavior) yet she found him hilarious...i think mostly just in how he was genuine and funny about it and not hey look at me I smoke i'm cool.

Another thing is you're guaranteed to see about 16 homeless people per mile you walk. They all seem very harmless...either quiet/panhandling or just completely out of their mind talking to themselves. One guy was walking through the intersection completely jamming out on his air guitar oblivious to the world which was hilarious. There have been a few yelling about Christianity too. One guy had a mega-phone and was so retarded that he didn't realize if he talked too close to the receiver it comes out as a squeak, so most of what he said was just be squeeeeeak sqqueeeeak the lord sqqqueeeeeeak squeeeeak. Brilliant, moron.

We met up with amy fox for lunch today. I hadn't seen her in a year and a half so that was nice to catch up. I tried also meeting up with Ian J and Travis but it just didn't work out.

We saw the Mariners pound on the white sox today. Our seats were 4 rows behind the sox dugout so I was ready to heckle AJ but he didn't play and I didn't have any beers for encouragement and yelling at him when he's not in the game is kinda lame.

I could blab some more but I've talked enough. We fly out at like 5pm tomorrow so we're gonna do some more wandering and check out the space needle.

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