Thursday, August 23, 2007

video games

I haven't really played much poker in the last few days...instead I've been playing some other video games. I bought mario strikers (soccer) for Wii so jon and I have been playing that quite a bit. Civilization 4 came out with an expansion pack so I've dedicated some time to that. And how can we forget golden tee. Also, instead of running I've been playing DDR and lifting which is probably good to mix in from time to time.

The only poker I played today was a quick 15 minute hit and run that mark seif put on me at 150/300. He's so dumb.

After bragging to jeff the other day about how I dropped a peanut butter and jelly sandwich onto my lap and it fell face up I've had terrible luck. Jon and I got Chinese last night and I boxed mine up and some of the juices leaked out of the side onto my shirt that I'd been wearing a whole 1 hour. Then I had a glass of wine while we were playing soccer and for some reason there was some on the outside of the glass which dripped onto my shorts. Darnit. I quickly used one of those fabric pens and all is well, but I'm still a putz.

My favorite mark seif hand:

STAGE #742046060: HOLDEM NORMAL $150/$300 - 2007-08-23 12:22:51 (ET)
Table: GRAND AVE (Real Money) Seat #1 is the dealer
Seat 1 - MARK SEIF ($16020.50 in chips)
Seat 2 - CBBBBB ($3836 in chips)
MARK SEIF - Posts small blind $100
CBBBBB - Posts big blind $150
Dealt to CBBBBB [Kh Jh]
MARK SEIF - Raises $200 to $300
CBBBBB - Raises $300 to $450
MARK SEIF - Calls $150
*** FLOP *** [10h Qc 3c]
CBBBBB - Bets $150
MARK SEIF - Calls $150
*** TURN *** [10h Qc 3c] [Jc]
CBBBBB - Bets $300
MARK SEIF - Calls $300
*** RIVER *** [10h Qc 3c Jc] [9c]
CBBBBB - Checks
MARK SEIF - Bets $300
CBBBBB - Calls $300
*** SHOW DOWN ***
MARK SEIF - Shows [As 7d] (ace high)
CBBBBB - Shows [Kh Jh] (Straight, nine to king)
CBBBBB Collects $2399 from main pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total Pot($2400) | Rake ($1)
Board [10h Qc 3c Jc 9c]
Seat 1: MARK SEIF (dealer) (small blind) HI:lost with ace high [As 7d - P:As,B:Qc,B:Jc,B:10h,B:9c]
Seat 2: CBBBBB (big blind) won Total ($2399) HI:($2399) with Straight, nine to king [Kh Jh - P:Kh,B:Qc,P:Jh,B:10h,B:9c]

Just no brain.

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