Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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I've been at the top of my game the last week or so, but it hasn't exactly translated into sweet results (although i'm sure it has resulted in losing less the days i've lost and winning more the days i've won) but it's been nice. It's been sort of a struggle but man do I feel sharp and good and reviewing my play I'm playing well.

This is all sort of vague but I will elaborate on today cause I feel like giving something and it was quite the roller coaster. I sat at a $50/100 table with $2000 and left with over 12k like 2 hours later. Great feeling. I also played some other tables but then and then decided to take a break and go for a run.

I came back and did some other stuff but then saw a couple off dingbats playing heads up 100/200 so I hopped in and dumped them 10k in 45 minutes. I don't really work on stoplosses, but that felt like a good place to just quit and wait for another spot. They can enjoy my money but I think in the long run they are more likely to stay when the feel like I did and dump off 15 or 20k where I just cut my losses and wait for a better day. I love good quits.

I was planning on waiting until like monday to goto san diego to visit jay/billy/dave but now schneider/pbob/kirby/cmo are going to los angeles tomorrow so I'm really tempted to hop on their 10pm flight and play live poker for a few days and goto san diego afterwords. Hmmm.

Go schneider $500/1000!!!!

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