Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I decided to join those goofballs in going to california. The flight is at 10:15pm tonight so that gave me ample time to take care of a bazillion things. It's been quite the hectic day.

I started off with poker which couldn't have really gone better and that was really nice. I booked the flight and looked at hotels but the websites were being dumb so that was a little frustrating and I planned to just wing it when I got there.

I ended up calling a few minutes ago and asking for a room to which they told me they had none. I asked if playing big and coming to talk to them later they might have a room. She forwarded me to a host and walla! A room was available! It's funny cause it's not like I'm even gambling big against the house...they just know how to take care of their players.

I ran to the bank to wire some money and that always takes a bit, but I'll play better not feeling short for money and also more comfortable not carrying around a bunch of cash...so it's worth it.

Packing is always annoying and I had to crank out a load of laundry.

Loaded up my laptop with my poker hands from recently so I'll have history with people and grabbed some of the office off of itunes.

Sprint wasn't letting me pay the bill for my wireless card online because I didn't have an account set up...but to set up an account they need to send a text message to your sprint number. Brilliant, retards. Last I checked wireless cards CAN'T RECIEVE TEXT MESSAGES. I called them and took care of it, but I hate paying bills on the phone as it always somehow takes 15 minutes.

I tried to fit in a stop at my parents house for dinner and get my mail but I just ran out of time.

Right now the plan is goto LA until thursday evening and catch a ride to san diego with surfdoc to visit jay/dave/billy for a bit.

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