Sunday, September 30, 2007

plo, lhe

Well, I read a little bit of super system on PLO and thought a little bit more about it and I think I was playing a few too many hands given how non-expert I am at the game. Today I knocked off about 10% of them and gave it another crack. I started out up a buyin or two but ended up down 2. Doh. I felt like I was running horrible on all-ins so I plugged all my hands into pokerEV and it confirmed it. Made me feel a little bit better I guess.

On the complete opposite, I killed at lhe today. I also killed it yesterday. Maybe that's a hint I should be playing it instead of PLO.

I was talking to another one of my friends who plays NL today and heard he had quite the incredible month. Man I love it when my friends are winning a ton! It sounds cheesy but I'm not faking/exaggerating I honestly get pumped up when I hear stuff like that.

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