Thursday, September 13, 2007

More SD

Man have we been workaholics out here. Every day we put in quite a few's just so nice/ez when everyone is playing and very encouraging when others are winning. Things are going well with poker.

We also watched the first season of heroes and quite a bit of season 3 of the office, both of which are dirty.

They are building 2 condos next door and they start every morning at 8am. Their apartment is open air right now cause one of the glass doors broke (but not on the outside, hard to explain)...and they are at the early stages and it's been a lot of heavy machinery and pounding and stuff, so much that it shakes our aparment...the lots here are right on top of eachother...some of the stuff is a mere 10 feet sleeping is near impossible past 8 or so which is starting to wear on me I think a little. We haven't been staying up that late usually...perhaps 2 but still it gets pretty old after day 6.

We (me, jay, dave, billy [the guys i'm staying with minus paul]) are going to Chicago the weekend of the 13th of october to see northwestern/u of mn and vikings bears. That should be quite the time...billy went to northwestern which will make it more fun.

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