Monday, September 24, 2007

fine I'll update my blog

I've been unmotivated to write in the last week, partially cause I haven't had anything interesting that was poker related happen. I spent 9 days in san diego and came back late last saturday night. Those guys really have a sweet setup out there (both for living and for working). I love visiting and they're great hosts!

Kels and I had taken a little break but are now back together. She came down for a job fair (she graduates this december!) last monday for a few days. I came up to duluth on saturday so we could go hit up gooseberry falls and see the fall colors. They're not quite in as much of a full swing as we thought they'd be, but we went on a hike down to superior and skipped some rocks, too. Reminds me of my childhood with my cousin, we'd do it for hours trying to get some mega-skips.

Even though I wasn't a huge fan in san diego, for some reason jay was able to convince me to get a trackball for when i travel and don't have a desk. I picked one up and have been using it up here and I agree, it sure is easier when you're propped up on a bed just moving your thumb than trying to have a normal mouse work well.

poker...I've been playing mostly 30/60 and 50/100. There really haven't been any appealing 100/200 games lately and a few of the people that will play me heads up, I no longer am interested in playing them as I reviewed a couple of my sessions and I'm not convinced enough that I have an edge or a big enough edge to warrant the huge swings.

I feel like I ahve a few more blurbs but I got distracted so I'll post them later if I think of them.

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