Friday, September 28, 2007


The limit holdem games were crappy yesterday and I was kind of bored so I thought I'd check out some PLO. I'd always wanted to learn it so it seemed as good of time as an I started talking with Schneids about it a little and played a couple $.5/1 tables. I only played for an hour or two but was intrigued...

When I woke up today, apparently Schneider tried playing some too and had a list of hands he played last night. He played $3/6 and a little $5/10 and told me to get my ass off the lower tables and at least play $2/4 lol.

I looked at the lhe games and was not impressed so back to PLO I went today. Well, I've been loving it. I spent 8.5 hours today playing and learning. I started off at .5/1 again but schneider convinced me to play 2/4, where I spent most of my time. Oman is this good for me. I have to think (as opposed to using that almost-auto-pilot part of the brain that LHE involves) and see things completely differently. It's not like LHE where you put in some money, turn the cards over and ship a pot. Hand values are so much different and convincing my brain that my queen high flush is not really particularily strong is an excersize. Or that my set on the flop is not worth continuing with. I also kind of like being able to just ram huge draws and hope you can get folds but even when you don't you still have like 53% equity. I love it (except for the fact i run terrible in AI [all in] situations)

A lot of my poker friends know that math is definitely a weaker part of my game and they pick on me for it a little. I've just always been a feel player and pretty much ignored the math. That is all kind of funny considering I have a computer science degree (a lot of math) and am 1 class away from a stats minor, 2 away from a math minor, and 3 away from a major) lol. Still, ask me dumb math and I will probably guess way off. PLO is teaching me more of the math in poker. It's a lot more necessary because of how the allins work with draws and made hands and money gets in the pot a lot and percentages are important.

As I said before, i ran really bad on my all-ins... Most of them are of the 53/44 (with 3% left for ties) variety and really big advantage ones are rare, but twice i got in with 85% equity today in big pots and lost both. I was down 1000 for most of the day, but I just got out of the hole. :)

I'm sure I'm going to be playing tons of this coming up, this is a fun/interesting change of pace.

Notice my stats, completely different than lhe. I play like 40/10 which is super fishy for LHE but for omaha it's best to see more cheap flops.

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