Thursday, April 23, 2009

LA day 3: jump around

Usually when I play poker here I'll play longer sessions because the games are great and I'm here to work. This trip, the good white chip($100) games have been really spotty so they really break my sessions up. Like yesterday I was playing $100/200 for about 2 hours when a rich guy walked in and wanted to play $200/400. So a handful of us quit 1/2 and headed over to give him some action. Usually there are no time restraints, but apparently this guy is a real hit and runner so CC and Ly made an agreement with him that everyone who played had to play for 2 hours and couldn't quit unless they were losing. This seems a little forced and odd, but when you have to quit another game and likely wont get back into it any time soon because there are plenty of people waiting to play it along with this guy being notorious for very short sessions, it makes sense.

Just on cue after 2 hours he racked up his couple thousand dollar win and jetted. I played a few more rounds out of courtesy and in case he changed his mind, but without him the game was pretty bad and we had started drinking wine so it was time to go back to 1/2.

I did end up sitting outside by the pool in the afternoon to try to get a little color...but especially with being so white right now I didn't want to push it and end up bright red so I went in after 40 minutes figuring I'd pick up a little color but really I can't tell any difference. So today I was going to spend more time out there but it's cloudy! I didn't know they had such things in cali. :(

There's this mean woman here and a dealer was being unlucky for her and she started calling him "fucking VC" and he flipped out on her and called the floor over. She tried and sorta did play it off and he got over it, but it was still inappropriate and awkward. She also got into a big yelling/swearing thing with a Lebanese guy where she kept calling him asshat or something and he went off saying "don't call me asshat fucking beach. fucking beach. fucking beach dont call me asshat! Don't disrespect me like that!" Back in MN you'd get kicked out for a day for antics like that but here the floor man will just come over and say cmon guys lets just not talk to eachother and play cards. Even the 2nd time it happens. They aren't in the business of throwing people out.

In my 4 2-2.5 hour sessions (8.75h total) I ended up +5100 for the day yesterday.
Running total 32.25 hours + $12,800

Nice to be up like that but it could definitely change drastically real quick so I'm not gonna think about it too much.

I haven't thought about this hand that much since I played it but now I'm going to. I definitely played it differently than I usually would and I haven't decided for sure if there's merit in it yet.

Greg posts a dead blind in the co and it's folded to him and he raises. Everyone folds to me and I call with 98s. I've played greg very strong for years and he used to be a fit or fold kind of guy but he plays lot tougher and better these days and and has been showing down a lot more vs me lately. I've also ran good vs him and that helps.

The flop comes Q86 with 2spades. I have the 9s. I check call.

The turn is a 5d making 2 diamonds. I check raise and he calls.

The river is a 7h and I bet and he folds. Obviously the hand is less interesting when I make a straight, but that's part of the reason I like my turn check-raise. I think I have pretty good made-hand strength already and just in case I have straight outs and more than likely 2 pair outs. I almost never check-call check-raise as I think that's often a terrible line that only fish take, but this board texture and this history made it seem like a line to mix in.

Schneider and I always play hands ridiculously strong vs each other and never make folds so yesterday I decided it was time to lay a hand down. He raised utg 5 or 6 handed and I 3 bet it. The rich guy called 2 in the sb and mike called.

The flop came K75 with 2 clubs.

They both checked, I bet, sb folded, schneids called.

The turn was a 2d putting 2 diamonds out there.

He check raised me and I 3 bet. He called.

The river was an ace of clubs.

He bet out.

I painstakingly threw my cards away. I haven't talked to him about the hand yet but I really hope I didn't get pwned... :)

Time to head down to get a few hours in. A few of us are heading over to bob and kirby's place for a little grillin/beers and modified monopoly.

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