Wednesday, April 15, 2009

shaking my head

All I can do this afternoon is shake my head. Yesterday afternoon I only got to play an hour because i had to meet up with my tax accountant. I could not blow a pot. I won every hand for that hour and it was too bad I had to go. Today is the exact opposite. I just have to watch every pot go the other way and all I can do is shake my head, over and over. I really bet that the reason limit holdem is a good game that will last the test of time is because sessions and runs like these are very common. People can be fooled about their skill level (good or bad) for a very long time and the rushes are so fun and people get hooked on trying to get on another one.

I did get to the driving range/practice green for the first time all year. Pathetic. Like out of this world pathetic. I just hope it was a fluke. I hit my first 6 or 7 balls terribly. I don't think it helps we were hitting off dirt but still, it wasn't good. I was putting better than average and my chipping could use a little practice.

I'm not going to bash my head against the wall with poker, that doesn't sound fun. It feels kinda silly to play racquetball when it's so nice out, but I could use that workout and setting up something like badminton sounds like too much work. haha. May as well let jon's grass get a little healthier too. Hopefully the twins will pulll off another win tonight...I'm slackin at 1-2 at games I've been at this year.

RB time...

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