Saturday, April 11, 2009

friday night ganger

I just quit a sick 4 hour session where at one point I got up to 4 $50/100 6max and 2 $30/60 6max's because the games were so good. I had a guy at heads up too but quickly quit him as it was very hectic and very stressful as I usually feel the most comfortable playing 2-4 tables. After losing a lot of the days to start April I pulled out a nice $16k (and 260 bet) winner today to bring me into the black on the month. The 16k winning days just feel so much better these days without the big games. I used to be kinda numb to those cause I'd be losing that much a lot too, but I don't think I've lost more than 10 in a day since I gave up games bigger than 50/100 almost 2 months ago so it's nice. Poker is so dumb as I didn't play any better/different than any other days this month and I couldn't win and now it comes in a big wave. The games were a little better but they've been good otherwise, too.

The wild game tonight was a really fun time. You could tell they really wanted it and an 8-4 hockey game is always great. It was sad to find out afterwods Annaheim won and we were out, but it's been a fun season and we got to care all the way down the wire and just like I said for the twins, if I'm still going to games in september because they're in it, I see the season as fine. Obviously I want playoffs, but just having something to hope for for awhile is fun.

I was able to talk to our season ticket agent about getting the right behind home plate tickets for a game this past week so 6 of us went and sat 2nd (and then 1st from like the 7th inning on) behind home plate right over the visitors on deck circle. Heckling those guys is really fun. :) Afterwords we went up to running aces for a 10/20 HOE game which after not too long turned into holdem cause those other games are slow and too much thinking haha. I'm thinkin about a quick little Utah ski trip next week and if they have openings another heli-skiing adventure. If not, the other sticks are coming out and it'll be time to start golfin.

I don't feel like blahblahblahing anymore. I'm off to bed.

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