Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LA day 1 wrapup

Day 1 ended much stronger than it began with that jackhammer start. I got down to the poker room and couldn't find a limit game and they were starting a new $10/20 blind no limit game so I hopped in and per the recommendation of a couple of people I bought in on the shorter side at $1500. I played for about a half hour when I got called for the $100/200 limit game when I was on the big blind with 54 of diamonds. The flop came Q76 with 2 diamonds. I led and got raised, I re-raised and he went all in and I called and he had a set and I didn't improve. So I move to limit...

The game was kinda crappy for quite a while...pretty much all pros, some of them not particularly good but they are not real fishy or anything. A couple OK guys. After not tooooo long I got moved to the main game which was pretty darn good. There was a guy in it who had been up for 3 days straight. I got to witness something new...a player falling asleep mid hand. He called the flop and then when his opponent bet the turn 10 seconds later he was sleeping and had to be poked awake. Lol. Dude. Go to bed. At around 11pm I was starting to feel a little fatigued myself so I planned on quitting when he did as he had racked up but I kept winning pots and he kept on playin. I try to play longer when I'm winning and shorter when I'm losin and while I was feeling a little tired, I was still with the program. I quit around 2am because I made a lazy play and it just seemed like enough and a good time to quit.

I ended up losing that $1500 in the no limit game but picked up a little over $11,000 in the $100/200 game so I won around $9800 on the day in about 13 hours.

running total:
16 hours

A couple of the more 'interesting' hands:

Hand 1:
The fishy sleepy player grabs some chips to limp and then notices a few people behind him have folded so grabs another 4 and raises. I 3 bet with A8s and he calls. The flop is q54 rainbow and he check calls. The turn is the K of spades and he check calls. The river is the J of diamonds and he checks and I bet and I think this is one of those spots that if you don't play much live you will give off the wrong signals and get called here more often than somebody who is comfortable live. He almost surely as a pair by this point and while the board is helping you get a fold, betting in a believable manner is important. He ended up folding with a little 'darnit that board sucks' demeanor and I picked up the pot.

I had a good amount of history leading up to hand 2. The player in question is a long time pro. We haven't played TONS of hours together, but enough for me to know his basic operating procedure. He plays pretty straightforward and waits until the turn with his strongest hands. He's been 3 betting me a reasonable amount because he's 2 seats to my left and I've been missing the shit out of the flops so pretty much been folding until this hand where I had KQo and raised utg+1. He 3 bet 2 spots later and everyone else folded. I called. The flop came Q73 with 2 diamonds. I check raised and he 3 bet. I've seen him wait until the turn so many times with his big hands and he seems like the type who 3 bets that kind of flop with a weaker range than not so I 4 bet and he quickly 5 bet and I said oh ok see you at the showdown buddy in my head. The turn was a jack of spades and I checked and he checked. Heh. Nice 5 bet for a 'free' card. The river was an 8 of clubs and I bet and he called, i showed and he mucked.

That same player (from hand 2) kind of owned me in hand 3. I raised the button with AJs and a tight ok player called in the small blind. He 3 bet out of the bb and I capped it. The flop was AT3 with 2 diamonds. sb checked, he bet, I raised, sb folded, he 3bet, I called.

The turn and river were bricks and he bet it down and I called and he showed AQ. Against a lot of internet players that would be very standard, but this guy's range just felt a lot stronger but he definitely felt I was a little nuts so I just couldn't find a fold. Owell.

Time to watch some more season 2 of the wire...

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