Monday, April 20, 2009

LA day .5 trip report

Well i guess it coulda started worse, but not a whole lot in 3 hours. The $100/200 game was full when we got here so we hopped in the $60/120 game and it was a peach. I started out ok and got called for 1/2 but the 60 game seemed infinitely better so I decided to stay there. I don't think I won a pot after that decision and ended up losing $6100 in the 3 hours I played.

The only interesting hand was one I played was one where I raised 54s on the button and just the bb called. The flop came J92 with 2 spades and he check called.

The turn was a 6 of hearts and he check called.

The river paired the 9 and he bet real quick...too quick to have a 9 and it just felt like he was almost prepaired to bet the river so I snapped out a raise and he called without much pain with ace king and dragged the pot.

Whoops. 'Good' read, get owned. :)

The rest of the hands were just standard losing pots. Enough for one night but I'm not discouraged yet. I'm gonna sleep now and up and at em in the mornin.

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