Tuesday, October 2, 2007

September FTW

September was the best month I've had in a year or so I think. I dumped a nice ammount in Las Angeles but online I just crushed. It was kind of a weird month because I won a ton in the first like 10 days of it, broke even for 15 days and then crushed the last few. Anyway I'll take it!

I think I'm going to stay away from live poker for a bit as it just seems like so much variance and frustration compared to online. It's definitely more fun when winning, but since I don't play that many hours and I tend to play big, each session has such a huge impact on my monthly/yearly income that it frustrates me when I lose.

The first day of october was great so I have good feelings about october, too!

That said today I felt unfocused (well, i was distracted by stupid epassporte on the phone and eating as well as feeling sort of sick to my stomach) but I just didn't feel with it. I was playing 3 tables or so and if somebody asked me anything about the games I was in, I couldn't tell them hardly anything about any individual players...which is a recipe for losing your money slowly as opposed to winning it. So I quit even though the games looked good on paper. I was going to spend the afternoon finishing up season 4 of entourage but a friend called me to play some golden tee so we're gonna do that.

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