Tuesday, October 16, 2007


When I was in San Diego a month ago the boys and I decided a weekend in chicago would be fun for Vikings/Bears. Billy also went to Northwestern, so he could hang with his buddies, too.

We got there thursday afternoon and left monday morning.

I'm too lazy to give a full trip report but I will talk about the Bears game...it was amazing.

After a night at the bars til 230 we got up at like 9 and went down to the stadium. Well, we went to get beer at the 711 first but no liquor sales til 11am...so we raided the shit out of our mini-bars...which our suite had 2 of lol thank god.

We finally got down there at like 1015 or something and had to walk around a little to find the tailgating which was way low-key and not exciting. Maybe we were in the wrong lot, but it was really low key. It probably didn't help that it was drizzling the entire time...but that shouldn't affect 'bears fans'.

We got to the game and everything was very regular...that changed quickly when we tied it at 7-7. Mb the beers had started to sit in, I don't know...but the peanut throwing and shit talking was in full force. The peanuts were extra funny cause their aim was so bad...the people all around us were taking a beating too...

A peanut hit the girl in front of us who was prehaps 20 and she turned and gave jay a death look and he's like obviously we didn't throw it and it goes from that 3 second interaction to "How bout you just shut the fuck up?" bahahah flip out much?

When hester ran back that 90+ yard punt, the shit really began. The bears fans were really bad at talking shit, so it was often comical...they would also every once in awhile have a good line, but by the end of the next sentence it no longer mattered as they had said something super dumb.

Jay got drilled with an open/smeary mustard packet but it was kinda funny cause he just picked it off and set it on the ground and nobody got mad and it was definitely an in their face kind of a play. Billy is a LAG (loose aggressive) when he's drunk so he's not putting up with all the stuff from bears fans and is yelling back at them. This isn't the standard "smack talk" it's got emotion on both sides...and we're surrounded by bears fans and he's going off and jay and I are like hmmm lets not try to get the shit kicked out of us eh? At this point it's just talk, empty beer cups, pizza boxes, peanuts and that mustard...which we can take but it just felt like it could escalate quickly.

The vikings got up by 14 and it really quieted down. A number of people left and it was kinda like meh just stay to enjoy the victory. Anyone who watched the game knows how long that lasted. They scored 7 quick and failed an onside kick but got the ball back and scored on an 85 yard play to tie the game. Oman that was brutal being there. lol. I look left and just in doing so see a guy launch a cup pow right off my face ahaha. other assorted shit comes flying in...no idea what but it was but it was pelt city. Some douchey looking 45 year old guy made a big dumb face like haha in your face you big bitches (which sounds like ouh no big deal, and it was, but it had so much emotion behind it which was extra comical because he was nowhere to be seen when longwell popped the FG to win the game.

The other funny thing was so many of the people who were such assholes during the game came up afterwords to shake hands and said good game. Billy knew this is how it was all along so that's why he was so lag, but jay and I were like wtf? It's like you wanted to kill us during the game but then after gg's. That was definitely really cool. It didn't hurt that Adrian Peterson had the game he did...they were all in awe. I suppose the just respected the fact we were at our team's away game and they're just normal people and the bears game is the one spot during the week they can drink beer and be crazy and it's ok but when it's all said and done go back to being normal people.

The bears fans at the bars the rest of the day were really pleasant too congratulating us on a good game and AP's dominance.

It was sooooooooo cool to just be at the game and the trip was amazing and draining. We're all beat. Rest and relaxation for a few days...

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