Friday, October 5, 2007

wow october

Poker really is a stupid game. I've been running/playing so well lately and I'm definitely not complaining, this is great...but I wish I could have pulled just a FEW of the sessions I've had lately and send them to myself 6 months ago when I went through poker hell.

Lets hope this all continues tho and you get to read an October FTW post. I have many months to make up for.

I almost didn't want to post this cause almost every time i'm on the up I feel good then I take a nice hit. I suppose it's more the variance of poker than posting stuff like this but it almost feels like karma for overconfidence.

I've been very pleased with how the games have been as of late too. I think we've gotten past the regulation crap and are back in an era where the fish have no problem getting their money online. Also, a lot of the 'better' young players have gone to no-limit or tourneys, so the pool of good limit players is not particularly big. There's still probably more money in NL for most people but meh, for me it's limit for today. You never know in 6 months now, the scene changes so fast.

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