Friday, October 19, 2007

late nights

Some of the best games have been going late-night these days and I've had to bite the bullet and stay up a little later than I would generally want to especially when I'm fighting off a cold and trying to get my body on a normalish sleep schedule for kels being here this weekend...but...the games were just too good to not play...

It's been going phenomenal in general. The last 2 days I've came off a bit but that's to be expected with silly LHE. I've been playing a pretty high amount of hands and I think I'll have a few low/no hands days with kels here. Part of me hopes I don't see any good games so I don't have that temptation. Just never know how long this online industry is going to I feel the need to get the dollars while they're being burned.

Also, LOL my rakeback is already over 3k for october. Jeez they take a lot of monies. (3k rakeback means I've paid around 10k in rake (fees) to the poker sites this month...over 500 per day just to play!) And don't get me started on income tax. :(

Anyhow, she'll be here in an hour I better go get ready.

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