Tuesday, October 9, 2007

good quitting

This is going to be a really half-assed blog cause I'm really tired, which I just realized is an extra good reason that I'm quitting. I was playing 2 tables of heads up cruising along and then all of a sudden the floor kinda fell out. I guess I shouldn't say floor fell out cause it wasn't like 6 hands in a row, but more like solidly downhill for a half hour. I was crushing them and all of a sudden I'd given back like 60 bets. This is nothing really, but given my mental state (tired and not sharp) it's quitting time. I know I'm better than both of them and one of them is a pretty big moron and I know given 'good healthy brain state' I'd crush him, now is not the time to make a gambool with him.

I see it very often from a lot of other 'good' poker players...not quiting because "i'm better than these guys" Nobody cares. Except that little ego inside of you that wants to burn your money and the chances to be greatly successful. Eff it. They 'win' today. They wont quit next time they're in my situation and I'll bury them.

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