Tuesday, October 30, 2007

october coming to a close

I was supposed to go to San Diego to visit the boys on monday, but I've been cooped up with a pretty bad cold. The poker games have been a lot spottier lately and kind of annoying cause they've generally been in the 8-11 time frame when everyone else is around and like nothing in the afternoon when I want to play. It's ok but not completely not optimal.

I had such a great start to the month and since then have had quite the roller coaster and came off a little bit. This doesn't bother me at all as October was the best month I've had in a year or 2, it had potential to be even better. Limit holdem is just so funny.

I've been spending a good chunk of time trying to learn stud8 for fun. I've probably played like 15 hours in the past week of mostly 5/10 and I'm down about as much rake as I've paid. I feel like I've really been running horribly in the few multiway huge pots and a couple guys have really ginned their perfect cards. I definitely see the 'lower' variance part but that isn't to say that there's no variance.

For the first bit of stud8 most of it was short-handed and the last session I tried full table. There is suuuuuuch a huge difference. I think there is much more of a difference than in hold-em. I'm sure I'm still not good at it but I want to get better badly. I always like pushing my brain with new games.

Until a week ago, I hadn't ever watched a season of survivor. I had seen a few episodes from random seasons but never got into it. Having heard Jon-Robert (a fellow poker player from las vegas) was on the current season, I tuned in. I've been watching this season and when I got sick I wanted to get into something so I downloaded season 10 on itunes. Now I'm hooked. It's nothing worth getting SUPER excited about, but I've always been into strategy games and it's quite the social game/experiment too. I liked 10 quite a bit, 11 was very meh and not that enthralling, and now...halfway through 12 I'm really liking it. Definitely great for vegging out to when sick.

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