Friday, May 25, 2007


So I get to canterbury yesterday afternoon and it's the worlds worst game for an hour or so. All pro's but 1 guy. All of a sudden it was the juiciest game I've been in there in awhile. I ran up a couple racks but by about 1 or 2am they were depleting. Genaddy was on life tilt or something and he was hitting everything vs everyone. I didn't lose a ton of weird pots to him like a few people but man was he out of control. Cold-calling 3 bets with 43o and playing like a goon post flop, calling 52s first caller after rocky raised etc etc it just had everyone on tilt and I wasn't winning hte pots so ended up losing like 1500. Meh. was a fun game none the less.

Finally shot -20 at golden tee today. neither jeff or mike have done it yet so it was extra sweet to be the first of our little group of new guys.

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