Wednesday, May 9, 2007

A nice day without

Woke up just before 11 today and went over to a park with a bunch of guys and hit softballs. They needed another guy so I'm gonna be playing every monday. Awesome, I've been really wanting to play. My shoulder has been messed up since freshman year of college though so that might be a small problem. I'll prob have to goto the doc and investigate. It was 73 and perfectly sunny. Very little wind. Perfect day. Grabbed some golden tee on the way home.

Got really lucky somehow and was browsing the twins website and looked at tickets for tonights game and somehow they had some for the 6th row right behind home plate. I've been wanting to sit there forever and have been thinking about paying top dollar for them but somehow I got them for retail. I still wanna sit in that sweet box the first few rows sometime, but I imagine those tickets aren't easy to come by.

I definitely think I needed more days off back during my downswing. I tried TOO hard to play through it and get out of it when I just needed more regular time off. I tried a week off a couple times and that didn't help a ton cause I came back it was really bad, but just more random days doing completely non-poker stuff is very helpful. Now that I think about it I probably wont play til sunday night or monday as Kels is moving in and we'll be doing that stuff and then we go up to duluth for her award ceremony and to move the rest of her stuff. Sunday is mothers day so I'll be with family all day. Perfect. Sounds good to get a nice little vacation. Not gonna get as many hands in but owell i'm over it. Better than putting in hands and not having a good hourly and not enjoying life. blah blah blah i'm blabbing now. Enough.

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