Tuesday, May 8, 2007

wow pathetic

Semi tilted. Got QQ ai vs 99 preflop and lost. same guy a little bit later I thought was making a play nope I was wrong bluffed off a double stack. To 5/10 I went. second orbit get KK ai vs AA when he 4 bet me pre and went ai on 532 flop. Then tried to get a little cute with a pair and a flush draw on the turn. He had tptk and better flush draw. Whoops. Also tried 3 barreling a guy at 3/6 and there went a stack. 476 hands - 3200 dammit. Quit immediately after the pair/fd hand as it was semi-dumb play.


Least I got out golfing today and I wont play poker tomorrow.

I bet I'll play a little at canterbury tonight as I'm going to be nearby playing golden tee.

/edit nah guess I wont be nearby and no cb. Probably for the better anyhow. Go twins!

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