Sunday, May 6, 2007

I'm the worst

Twice in a row now I've booked nice wins at canterbury! Real fun game last night after the twins game. Nice to play/suck out on joe and ryan. I crashed in their room and pokerbob and I went to the twins game this afternoon. Almost!

Spent the afternoon afterwords playing golden tee with mike and jeff. I'm getting a lot better at t hat game but I still kinda suck. Just a little sloppy I guess.

Played some online...

I raised 87s in the co, a fish in the blinds called. The flop came 966 with a flush draw that wasn't mine. he checked, I bet and he called. This meant very little. Ace high, king high, a gutshot, a straight draw, 2 semi-random cards, a pocket pair, a 9, a 6, any. Turn 7 not bringing in the flush. He checked and I checked. The river bricked a 3 and he bet like 1/5 the pot and I called. He showed q9 and I just said to myself yeah that'll do it. Then the chips went to my did I misread the river and I have a straight??? No. I had 76 and had a full house...quittin time. It was just when Jon had walked in so it's sorta 'excusable' but I'll probably be better off just quitting anyhow.

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