Tuesday, May 15, 2007

sucker for pokerstars

They always find ways to hook me. Their stupid FPP program gets me every time. Right now they're doing a promotion where you get 2x vpp and that'll make it tons easier to get my supernova back, if not at least platinum. The other site's games weren't that great anyhow so it was fine but still I just breakeven at the stupid 2/4 game on there. I'm up like 10 buyins lifetime or something I bet. With the rake, the players on there are pretty decent. The other problem is the software is so good and there are so many games going and I want mucho VPP I always somehow end up with like 9 tables going.

I'm on a 20k hand or so break even streak here at NL but lemme tell you it's a lot less stressful than 20k hands of limit. Still in a great place. I think I might be fancy playing a little too much. There's just such a fine line between FPS and good tough NL play. I have pwned a few people and that's always super fun. I really do love NL though. It just feels so much more like poker than limited crappy betting.

Halfway through the month and only 15k hands. Yuck. -4 buyins. That'll change I'm sure :)


Blantons said...


Your posts and replies specific to live play in the High Limit Forum of 2+2 demonstrate a strong aptitude of reading opponents and hands. Have you considered playing Live Holdem professionally?

bicyclekick said...

Yeah, I have but for now the internet is more profitable so I'll be sticking to that until it's not an option. I do play quite a bit live tho none the less.