Saturday, May 19, 2007

dark side

I've played 6500 hands of LHE in the last 2 days. I think it's kinda like going back to an ex-gf. You go back and spend some time together, have some good times etc etc but then ultimately realize why you broke up. So far so good, though. I can tell I haven't played lhe in forever which is good cause all of the stupid frustration things aren't there like they were during that huge streak. So far I'm playing a little tighter pre-flop which I think is helping me cause I think I was too loose given the nature of the games before. I read some of stoxtrader's book and I was definitely opening too many hands on the button. Also, given the stupid-laggy nature of the games these days it helps to have something just a little bit more which also leads to a little bit less frustration.

Somehow I got conned into golfing this morning. Went to the comedy club with like 12 people last night then to a bar...which doesn't bode well for earlyish morning round of golf but I think I'll deal.

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