Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I played 3500 hands of stars this afternoon. 1100 of them 2/4 and 2300 1/2 and whaddya know I broke even. It was mostly 10 tabling...probably the problem...but the games are so incredibly nitty it seems like playing more tables like that makes sense. I told myself I'd give this a try for a week but after probably half of the sessions I'm like hmmm this probably isn't right. It sure is a lot easier to just open a million tables and just play as opposed to opening 4 different sites and playing a games over all of in that aspect, it's 'less annoying' work. It's also nice to see 3500 hands as opposed to like 1400 or whatever I'd have if I was playing 6ish tables on other sites. I get a lot less hands per hour cause it's harder to get all the right tables and they aren't as fast as stars so it's 500 hands per hour compared to 1000 at stars.

Oh the decisions.

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