Saturday, May 5, 2007

a nice day back

In the first 15 minutes of playing today I double stacked a guy when I set over set him. It's funny how those hands pump you up, yet if you're on the other side it's so deflating when nothing even happened really. It's not like I did anything skillful or I would have gotten away from his hand in his place...but still I think gets me going and playing well.

I had a real slow start to the month getting sucked out on and what not, but today it's turned the other way in a big way. I got 2/3 stack in on turn with KQ all in vs AQ on a Q764 board and spiked a K. That'll help a day.

Re-raised a guy out of the sb with AQs and flopped QT9. He min-raised and I shoved for like 2x his raise or something, he was like a half-stacker and he slow-roll called me with KJ. Turn T river Q. Lol karma in his face. What's funny is I was actually talking to bob about the online slow-roll yesterday. I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's much dif in person in my oppinion and it's definitely a dick play, but I might be able to be convinced it has value because it could send somebody on tilt.

The twins game was kinda so-so last night. It was like a playoff game without the intense atmosphere. Pitchers duels are can be fun when the game really matters, but when it's this early in the season I'd rather see a game like the 15-11 mariners/yankees game yesterday. Joetall and ryan came into town last night so me, schneider and them are going tonight. With santana going vs their 5th starter it should be a good whoopin but you never know.

Probably go up to canterbury after and play some live with those guys. I'd really rather go play NL at turtle lake but that's too far away. Been really itchin to go up there...but they said they only have 2-5 nl on weekends and weekends haven't been avail lately. Maybe I'll just go sometime during the week and play 1/2. At that point i'd rather get a homegame going but those aren't that easy to get goin these days. meh.

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