Monday, June 25, 2007

cannot think of a title

So, while the tournament I was crying about yesterday was the biggest crapshoot I've ever seen, it actually wasn't miserable at all and I honestly had a decent time playing it. I think I lasted only 4 hours or something, but everything mattered from the beginning so there wasn't that super mundane first 3 hours where nothing matters.

After busting out I decided to check out the rio 100/200 game, which was 5 handed at the time. Perfect. While not a particularily great game, it surely beat the 1/2 games at the bellagio on average. I won my buyin back and quit around 5am. Ian and schneider had came over to play 2/4 with a fish that I had set up but the floor were assholes and wouldn't start it for us. We agreed to play today at the venetian and exchanged #'s but his is and Israeli # so none of us can call him. I called sprint to have international calling added to my plan but it's still not working. Darnit. I gotta get a phone card I guess.

We came back and Ian and I played online. Chopped 100/200 action and I played some 50/100 HUHU vs some n00bs. Won a little and decided to ring em up and goto bed around 7 or something.

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