Thursday, June 7, 2007

when running well

I had a really funny thing happened last night...

A really nice weak tight guy (who folded an ace face up on the button when folded to him a few minutes before) raised and I 3 bet the jack ten right behind him. An acquaintance friend of mine who I've been beating up on called in the small blind and the nice man called.

The flop came A98 with 2 clubs.

The small blind checked, the man checked, I bet, the small blind check raised, the guy looked at the board and said to himself kinda a88 right? I wish one of those 8's was a 9 and mucked his hand. I 3 bet and the small blind called.

The turn brought another 8 and the small blind check folded.

The player to the right of the nice man then piped having seen the nice man's cards which were pocket nines. The man was super flustered. I said I had AQ cause there was no reason to create animosity between either him or the small blind who folded QQ. He stirred and stirred for about 10 minutes and asked kindly for a chip back, which he had earlier let Steph off in the big blind for 2 back. Obviously I didn't want to give them to him as I'm just not super generous to random gamblers I don't know but he seemed like a real nice guy who made an embarrassing mistake in which I came out about 2k ahead and I didn't want karma to kick me in the face so I tossed him a couple greens. Kind of a tough spot in a way. Maybe not for a lot of people cause they're super nice and giving, but when a guy you don't know asks for $$$ in a poker game when you're a pro it's tough in my opinion.

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Devo said...

Tough spot, but I think you did the right thing. You don't want to piss the guy off if he can't even read the board and/or he's exposing his hand to peeps, but you don't want to be giving him the pot either... couple chips as a courtesy. I like it.

In general though, I usually tell these guys to forget about it.

Like the blog homie.