Friday, June 22, 2007

update from vegas

Just waiting at a 30/60 HU table so I figured I'd make a little update.

I haven't played a ton of cash games since coming back, but I'm down a little bit at them. Online I've been crushing, so that's been nice. I was playing $200/400 yesterday and Ian J complimented me and said the "old bk" is fully back. Basically the "confident/relentless" bk is back, which is a big deal to me.

I played Crazy mike HUHU $100/200 at the Venetian last night too. He beat me for like $8500, but if we could have played another hour or 2 it's highly likely I would have came back, as I had him on "monkey tilt". He said he was able to get in everyone else's head yet he couldn't get in mine and instead I was in his head. Still, he got the dollars, so it's not super great.

After the match I went back to the bellagio at about 6am and saw a short-handed $300/600 game schneider was playing in so decided to hop in cause I was feeling really good and I liked the spot.

Played a bunch of big pots but quit 45 minutes later when the game got significantly worse up 500!!!! 1 big bet per hour at 3/6!!!

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