Saturday, June 23, 2007


I've been playing tons and tons of HUHU online and it just doesn't seem fair for my opponents. A big part of the success I've been having is knowing who to play when. A lot of the guys can play fine but they get on tilt and don't quit, whereas when I get in the same spot I quit much faster. Basically what I'm saying is along with the fact that I play slightly better than most of the people I play, I play more hands when I have a psychological advantage than they do. There are also a lot of guys who will sit with 600 who have almost no chance and will lose that and quit. That definitely helps too.

I only played like 2 hours yesterday live, where I won something like 26 bucks. I was in HUHU online mode which doesn't really work overly well at a live 100/200 game. Tariq and I took a break and went to dinner, but even when I got done with that I didn't feel like playing anymore. So instead I played a little online and started watching entourage. I thought the show started a little slow and while amusing, wasn't particularly great, but now that I'm a few more episodes in I'm really digging it. It's not deep or anything, but the antics are quite hilarious.


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