Saturday, June 9, 2007

A loss

I finally booked a nice loss yesterday. All 100/200. There was one situation that almost never comes up that happened.

I raised pocket eights and the guy to my immediate left called me and right after calling looked at his cards again without protecting them and I saw king jack. The small blind called and we took the flop 3 ways.

The flop came KT8 with 2 diamonds.

The small blind checked, I bet, the guy raised, small blind check 3 bet. Now it's an interesting spot. The king jack guy is pretty straight forward and I think that if I show enough strength here he can maybe get away from his hand and I surely don't want that, so I opted to call. He 4 bet and the small blind called. I just called. Since I felt like there was a very large chance he'd bet the turn if it wasn't a diamond I was going to check-raise.

The turn came a 5 of diamonds and the small blind came firing out. I called and the guy called.

The river was the 9 or diamonds and he bet again. I knew the guy behind me had the jack of diamonds and I really felt the small blind had a flush he would never fold so I folded.

The guy called and the small blind rolled over Q6dd to take the pot.

I know we often talk about how we're so sure a guy had this or that hand, but when you actually know a guys hand it's interesting. I'm sure there are some people who think it's bad to not say anything in this spot, and sometimes I do, but I'm already in the pot and he just showed them to me, it's his fault.

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