Tuesday, June 12, 2007

incident and black chips

Tried sleeping last night but couldn't so I went down to the poker room at about 3am.

The events that transpired were quite interesting.

The 100/200 game broke so schneider and I played 50/100 HUHU which lasted 5 minutes before he got moved. I scouted the room and decided to play some 10/20 no-limit.

I sat down and handed the floor man a 5k chip and said "I'm playing 3000. I'll take 3000 in 20's and 2 1k chips." A man across the table asked me how much I was playing and I said 3000.

The man to my left borrowed me 400 so I could post my big blind and I did. I folded. On my small blind, the floor man came over and set my chips in front of me. I gave the guy back his 400, posted my small blind and folded. When it got to my button, I played a hand in which I announced "all-in" on the turn. The player called me and the dealer ran the cards. He had the best hand and I forked over my 3000 or so in 20's. He then noticed that I had 2 1k chips sitting behind my stack and demands that he get them too, as I had them on the table.

The floor comes over and decides that because I started the hand with the chips in front of me that it doesn't matter what I announced or anything even though my intentions were pretty clear, they have to protect people from angle shooting like this.

I can understand their ruling but it was realllllly infuriating at the time. I hadn't been as mad as I was in a long time. I didn't throw a fit or anything, I just said to the man "you can't look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't know I meant to play 3000 and you actually deserve the extra 2k."

After this I just walked away. Of course I imediately run into 3 people I haven't seen in a while and I'm very flustered and probably came across kind of rude cause I wasn't very friendly.

Shortly there after I got a seat at the 100/200 game and sat down. It got down to 4 handed and schneider was going to get moved to the main game, which meant he would goto sleep, which would mean i'd get moved and we like short-handed so I asked the other player if he'd play 200/400. Oh for sure he said. Problem solved. Now I really have a shot at getting that money back.

Nothing happened for any players for about an hour. Just passing chips back and forth. Then the 3rd player started unraveling. He made some good 2nd bests and clearly wasn't used to playing 3 handed. Schneider had a big advantage because he was to the mans left, and he would cold-call in the small blind a ton which forced me to tighten up on the button.

Since I was winning, a guy who had witnessed the whole no-limit event came by as he was leaving and commended me for how I handled the situation and said the world was righting itself by how I was doing. Perhaps. Was really nice to hear especially because sometimes when stupid things like that happen it's really easy to really lose your cool.

He kept pulling out 5k chips and he had about 1500 left when we had been playing maybe 3 hours when Hansu sat down. We played about 2 orbits and he busted and we decided it was late enough (now 8am or so) and we'd just take our win and goto sleep.

We cashed out and as mike and I left the poker room together we noticed the guy who lost all his money was leaving then too and we tried to take a different route so we wouldn't run into him but we ran into him at the elevators and man did he look dejected. He said a nice good night because he's a nice guy but you could tell he was down. Never feels real good when you see that.

Killed online again today. My poker confidence is just boiling over and it's interesting how much it shows in the results. Obviously I'm running hot, but my whole attitude is different and even kels noticed.

Now we're off to eat at the Eifel tower restaraunt then see blue man group again. Should be great. Back to minnesota tomorrow, back out here on tuesday.

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D S said...

Nice post. Two reasons right here why live poker really sucks! Don't get why anyone plays it, altho I might have to challenge you to HU for rolls.