Thursday, June 14, 2007


I don't think I've ever left vegas not dead tired. /edit now that I think about it one time I did. I got reasonable sleep most of the trip, but over the last 2 days just 7 hours. We went to dinner and shows again so I didn't get to the poker room until 230am. I played 100/200 and a $200/400 game broke out but I wasn't interested in it.

I ended up getting a much better spot. The 100/200 game got down to a Japanese guy and I and he said he never plays HU and doesn't like it. This is where I have to try to do some good talking. I convince him to play 50/100 hu, but the dealer mistakenly mentions it to the floor who says we have to play 100/200. Fine, we'll play 1/2 and take half the bets back making it effectively 50/100. We play for a little when a new dealer sits down and makes a big stink about not allowing us to do what we're doing. He calls the floor over and they obviously take his side. The Japanese guy says "ok we play 10 more hands"

He's pretty bad at heads-up, but he at least understands he's supposed to raise most of his hands on the button. I put a bad beat on him and never mentioned the 10 hands business again and play continued. A new dealer sat down. Back to tipping I thought. Wrong. I'm sitting in the 8 seat and the Japanese guy in the 6. I win the first pot and toss her a dollar. no thanks, no tap, she just put it in her pocket. Ok, we'll try one more time and if not, meh, her own fault.

The next hand we make it to the turn and he checks and I fire out 8 chips. Only 2 or 3 make it over the line. "gotta get your bets over the line hunny" she barks at me rudely." WTF? We're playing a stupid HUHU lhe game it's quite obvious that I'm betting. Even if it wasn't obvious, some chips did make it over the line. Also, I was told by a different dealer the line only matters for NL anyhow. Fine, I wont tip you either. In the 70 hours or whatever I had played previous I hadn't stiffed a dealer yet, now 2 in one hour. I'm not sure if the Japanese guy was not tipping because he was annoyed like I was, or because he didn't know it's what you're supposed to do, or if he was just cheap, but he didn't tip either.

He had maybe 400 left when I got called for the main 100/200 game. I passed and just went to sleep cause it was like 530am.

put a little 2 hour session in tonight after getting home and won like 45 bets. I hadn't played 50/100 online in forever but a few retards from my 30 game moved to 50 so obviously I followed. Of course they didn't stay long.

I wish I was tired now, cause I don't feel like playing more poker and don't really have anything else I'm itching to do and if I slept, I would probably want to wake up and play. I guess I'll just pop in a movie and hope it makes me drowsy.

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