Thursday, June 7, 2007


2 days ago I had a losing day, but I'd hardly call it one cause I only played for an hour and a half before grabbing dinner with david and then playing some golden tee with him and dusty. So, technically the streak was ruined, but I don't really think so because I didn't want to degen it up just to keep it alive and 1.5 hours hardly counts as a day of poker.

Anyhow, yesterday I played a few hours online and crushed again. Mostly 30/60 with some 15/30 HUHU sprinkled in. I ordered room service and told a super moron that I'd be right back i had to get hte door, but he obviously bounced. :(

When I got down to the card room at about 530pm I couldn't get on the $100/200 so I got in a $10/20NL game. My first orbit I picked up kings and raised and just the blind called and check raised a 966 flop with not a lot behind so I went all in and a K came on the river to beat his AA. Woops. I bluffed a guy nicely too. I raised Q9o in middle, just the button called. Flop AA5. I pot he calls. Turn J I check he bet 400 into like 700 maybe? I make it like 1260, he tanks and folds. A few hands later I got A7s and flop Q86 2 heart I check call. King of hearts on turn I check she small bets I check raise 3x or so, she calls. River bricks and I go all in and she shows 888 and folds. :( darn.

So yeah won a bunch at nl which is always fun. Also picked up a nice little win at 100/200 again too. Yay :)

Kels just got in the room so blah blah blah gotta finish up.

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