Monday, June 11, 2007

limit holdem world championship

I decided to play the 5k lhe championship. We anticipated a tough field but it still sounded like a good idea. The field ended up being incredibly weak. It was like playing live 30/60. Lots of hopeless idiots with a few good players mixed in.

I didn't stand a chance...which is kinda a fine way for a tourney to be in a way...cause it only lasted like 7 hours and no other players would have done any better given the cards I got and how we were playing showdown poker pretty much.

The only remotely interesting hand came on the 300/600 level. A weird player limped utg, tboy83 (tommy, good player) limped next, a big moron who has the most chips raised, I called with AsJh in the 2 chip small blind, big blind folded, other 2 called.

Flop J64 with 2 hearts. Checked to moron who bet, I raised, tommy check 3 bet, moron called, I called.

Turn 8h

I checked, tommy checked, moron bet, I called, tommy called.

River 4d

I checked, tommy checked, moron bet, I called, and tommy folded.

The guy showed AK of hearts.


We decided to extend our trip to wednesday and we're seeing Le Reve tonight.

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