Saturday, June 23, 2007

mmm tilting

After reloading for $600 8 times a guy finally threw in the towel. lol.

betabear: $##% it GG
Dealer: uglystyles wins the pot ($30)
Dealer: Hand #2743926767
uglystyles: ?
Dealer: betabear has 5 seconds left to act
Dealer: betabear has timed out
Dealer: Hand #2743926767 has been canceled
betabear: remmind me never to play u ever again
uglystyles: lol
uglystyles: do i know you?
betabear: no
uglystyles: ok
betabear: cant believe u got me on tilt, im so $&!!in stupid
uglystyles: ez to happen at HU
betabear: bye

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