Tuesday, June 5, 2007

5 for 5

Schneider and I went back down to the poker room at 2am. There was open seating at $10/20 no limit so I hopped in that. Got down to HUHU with a nice guy who told me he was pretty much trying to give his money away to me cause he has plenty and it's time for bed. I would have covered him but honestly I feel that my HU NL game is pretty weak so I stuck with my 2500 or so and he had mb 5k. I double through after about 10 minutes and then we had to goto the must move :( Still, stacking somebody at NL live is so much fun. Just handed me a pile of 23 100 dollar bills

Shortly thereafter moved to $100/200 and it was a fun game. Started full but quickly got shorthanded and I always like that. I was actually down a couple thousand at one point cause schneider beat me up but the poke gods have my back and I came storming back. Eventually the must move broke and I was last on the list so I had to wait like an hour to get in the game again, so I took that opportunity to call kels who was getting ready to goto work. 2 more days til she's here!

Time to grab a shower and some food and play some more.

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alanna said...

say hi to kelsey for me when she comes!!!