Tuesday, June 5, 2007

other things

I woke up yesterday and tried really hard for a few hours to convince schneider to go to the pool as going alone just didn't have a great apeal. Didn't happen. Played 4 or so seperate online sessions but kept running bad and felt like my image was bad so I quit. Schneider brought his Wii and Ian J had talked about wanting to play sometime so I called him and he came up to play. It took us an hour or so to figure out hooking it up to the stupid hotel tv, but the Bellagio rocks and sent a person from engineering to show us how. Nice!

After an hour or so of Tennis Kirby texted Ian saying he just won another single table satellite (go figure) at the rio. We ordered room service and a couple bottles of wine and indulged ourselves in tiger woods. None of us had ever played before so it was really tough. I can see lots of potential in that game but for a bunch of n00bies without anyone who knows the game to explain it was very hard.

Then we played some 4 player tennis...kirby and schneider were no match for ian and I. Kirby went to bed so then Ian and I decided to play some online together. Played about 3 tables of 30 and won 150 bets in like 700 hands. LOL. Went from down 4500 to up 3600 haha. Some more Wii was in store so we finished out mario party game and called it a night.

Went golfing today at Reflection Bay. The temp was 102 so it was a little warm. I had never played a jack nicholas course before so it was pretty cool. The pin locations seemed extra hard given how small/narrow/bunker protected the greens were The hardest part tho was the rental clubs because of the lack of a lob wedge. It's just really hard to get a sand wedge over the bunker to stop without rolling 10 feet from 45 yards or else it will go in the bunker over the green.

Still a great time and I'm really glad I got to experience it.

I came back, showered, and went to play poker. The $100/200 game was ok at the start and I hadn't eaten much so I got the standard (for me) tuna sandwich and chili. An old guy sat down who had that old vegas nit look to him and I played one of those once per trip hands:

I raise in middle with aces, he 3 bets in the CO, both blinds call, I 4 bet, he caps VERY confidently, almost as if he was a young cocky kid. We all call.

Flop T53 with 2 diamonds. Checked to me and I bet, he flings out a raise yet again, sb folds, bb check 3 bets it, I call 2 cold, old man wings a 4 bet out there as if he has 5 kings, kid calls, I call.

Turn 3 of hearts, kid checks, I check, old guy bets again, kid calls, (ok now I know I have the best hand) I call.

River J of spades, kid checks, I check, old guy slingshots 8 chips out there, kid thinks for awhile, looks at me and then calls, I check raise, old man begrudgingly calls, kid folds, I win a sea of green. Num num. big 4/8 chip pots are so fun to scoop.

The game got really bad and I was tired so I came up to the room for a nap after like 2 hours. Winner of $133!!! Took a nap then played some more 30 on stars and man has it been going well

So far since coming to vegas, online:

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Now I'm gonna go back down and see how the games are. Maybe I'll play some more no limit if nothing else.


Unknown said...

What did you have in that hand?

bicyclekick said...

Oops, I edited it in now:

I had aces.